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What factors you must compare before signing up with online money transfer services to India

Indians living in USA have access to more than 20 online money transfer services to India. These services compete to innovate, provide better exchange rates and offer unique services to please their customers. With so many services available, one must understand what factors to evaluate and then compare them. In this post we will explain what factors you must compare

How to transfer money to India from USA

There are several ways to transfer money to India  from USA and the process of transferring generally vary by three factors. Money transfer company you use, source of your money in USA and the way receiver collects money in India are the three factors. The simplest and most convenient way to transfer money to India is to use an online

How money transfer to India works?

Are you an Indian (desi) who recently travelled to USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, UK, etc for your work assignment? If so then you must be wondering what is remittance, how it works and how can I use to transfer money to India then continue reading. What is Remittance? Remittance is a money transfer transaction initiated by a

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